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Songs by And Light Be the Path to Home Ezreal. Ver. 1

When I was five the world taught me how to hope
Birds chirping sounds of life as I walked my way home

They said, ‘Learn the science. It will liberate the world.’
Said my gifts would take Piltover to another level.
That if I sit down and do as they say
I’ll stop seeing birds flying out of calculus books.

But I lived as the sun rose
Respired as the whales sang of how great it was to live
To breathe air that once filled the streets of Shurima
As its proud pyramids overlooked the fiefs.

They said, ‘Live in the future.’
But have you ever watched daybreak on Mount Targon
Sit with the yordles as they talked of companionship
Where this skyscraper stands now there was a palace
Of a King who promised his citizens eternal freedom

They said, ‘Live in reality.’
But try losing yourself in the fireflies of Kumungu
Try staying overnight to watch a rare flower blossom
Once in a thousand years and tearing up just for you

It’s hard to tell a crying child to hope
Harder to say that he should look at the sun
Instead of figuring out how to survive
In a merciless world of hit and run

There’s nothing like the wistfulness in knowing
That we cannot live forever
That every second is a countdown to darkness
Souls floating down a neverending river

So if Valoran is fragile like a butterfly’s wings
Each and every one of us a deity’s shadow
Why don’t we strive to see all there is to be seen
Run barefoot and careless across the meadow?

We live in a lonely world with cracks in the seams
And although we don’t know about the inevitable fall
I can still tell you that the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard
Belongs to the woman living down the hall.

I can tell you tales of your great-grandparents.
Of how they were warriors, avatars, courtiers
Fighting for what they deemed to be divine rules
Laws that would be forever held dear.

I can tell you where to go when your mind feels empty
When all you see is your tearstained face
Reflected in a fine broken wineglass
Not to smile again for days on days.

Let me hug you and take your hand.
Let us live through this and not be alone.
I’ve seen a fair amount of this world
So allow me to recount until my voice is gone.

I haven’t been able to write shit recently so this is all I’ve got. I swear when I actually get to the songs I’ll be better at it.

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