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Aesir falling
Sometimes I want to hurt myself (not self harm related)

Just so that I can stand on equal footing with some less fortunate people and truly be able to communicate with them

Like say

I sometimes wish I have grown up in poverty like my cousin so I can refrain from accidentally mentioning certain things that she doesn’t like to hear (I didn’t grow up with her, it’s kinda hard to know every single thing that could hurt her, I mean EVEN MY CLOTHES COULD HURT HER SINCE THEY’RE WELL MADE AND ALL) and stop being so guilty that I can’t even talk to her properly

I want to write a tragedy but since my life has been sheltered how can I even write the pain as if I understand it since I’ve never had that experience myself

I want to talk to certain people but since I’m privileged I need to take their experiences into account but how the heck am I supposed to do that if I’ve never had those experiences

I mean

If I want to understand rape victims is getting raped myself the only option since reading up on it does not seem to work

I’m sure some other privileged people like me would like a way to understand non-privileged people better without going through the same shit they went through that nobody ever deserves

I don’t want to be an insensitive idiot but can somebody out there help me with how to not be an insensitive idiot because I have no idea how

Are well-intentioned (don’t count me if you don’t think I’m well intentioned) privileged people doomed just because they are lucky

I’m pretty sure I didn’t say this right

E: I’m really sorry if I sounded like a selfish asshole or something in this post